After Liu Qingyu received the negotiating documents sent by Secretary Xia Zhengde and carefully read it, his face sank at that time!

Directly slamming the table and standing up in anger, his eyes glared at Jinglin County and bit his teeth and said: “Xue Wenlong, you have done too much! This is a sinful and humiliating country full of compromises, flattering, and cooperation within the ring. I dare to sign, so you can only see that your innermost feelings are only your own achievements! You simply did not put the warnings that Liu Qingyu gave you before, but did not put our people in Guanshan Town in my heart. If this is the case, don’t blame me, Liu Qingyu will not give you face. Hey, do you want political achievements? I will not give you, I will fight your face!”

After that, Liu Qingyu first He called Hong Sanjin and asked him to immediately book 2 tickets for the day from Cangshan City to Yanjing City. Then he took out his mobile phone and dialed the phone number of the county party secretary Xia Zhengde again: “Summer Secretary, you have today Time? I want to accompany you to Yanjing City to see another investor who is interested in our Cuiping Mountain Scenic Area in Guanshan Town.”

Upon receiving the call from Liu Qingyu, Xia Zhengde was a glimpse at him. I know that Liu Qingyu will definitely If he plans to make a move, he should find a way to let him cooperate with him to prevent the release of the press conference, or by publishing the terms of negotiation of Xue Wenlong and others, and using public opinion to attack Xue Wenlong’s shameless use. Public opinion forced him to abandon this cooperation agreement, but he did not think that Liu Qingyu’s perspective of the move was so strange that he directly adopted the means he did not expect. Although he can also understand some of the possible moves that Liu Qingyu might make in the future, he can be completely sure that he did not even think that Liu Qingyu has prepared another player like this. This is the place that shocked him the most.

However, Xia Zhengde is also quite a city man, especially listening to Liu Qingyu saying that he is accompanying himself, instead of accompanying him to Yanjing City, which shows Liu Qingyu’s trip to Yanjing. Although it is actually led by Liu Qingyu, he is a foil, but Shiliu Qingyu said that he is led by himself. This shows that Liu Qingyu once again put the dominance of political achievements into his own hands. This is really a smart subordinate. what. Working with such subordinates does not require much effort. So he said without hesitation: “Okay, no problem, when are we going?”

Liu Qingyu said directly: “We will drive to the county committee to pick you up at around 2 pm, fly from Cangshan City Airport to Yanjing City at around 4 o’clock, and then come back in the night, Xia Shuji, I am afraid you will be in Guanshan Town this evening. The future of the people is

getting tired .” Xia Zhengde said with a smile: “Well, no problem, for the benefit of the people, I should be tired and tired. As a leader, we must have the spirit of serving the people. ”

In the afternoon, Liu Qing Yu and Xia Zhengde car came Cangshan Municipal Airport, arrived by plane from direct Yanjing city.


On the plane, although Xia Zhengde has been closing his eyes and keeping his eyes, in fact, his heart has been thinking about a question. Who is this investor that Liu Qingyu is looking for? What conditions will the other party open to cooperate with Jinglin County? How did Liu Qingyu know this investor?

However, when Xia Zhengde and Liu Qingyu got off the plane together, they walked out of the parking area and came to the pick-up area to see a tall, middle-aged man wearing a top-class Amani suit and a slightly slim figure waving at Liu Qingyu. His heart was a tremor, because he saw a long Cadillac parked behind the man, and the car was still limited edition.

Liu Qingyu walked over without hesitation. When he came up, he gave Liu Qingyu a hug. After the separation, the other party smiled and said: “Boss, you are finally back. Do you want me to say hello to the brothers?”

Liu Qingyu quickly waved his hand and said: “Old Tian! This time my time is too tight. The purpose of my visit to Yanjing City is to accompany our county party secretary to find you to talk about the cooperative development of Cuipingshan Scenic Area, and brothers. Some of the time we gathered together is that it will be exempted today. After the talk, we have to hurry up to Jinglin County.”

After that, Liu Qingyu smiled and said to Xia Zhengde: “Summer Secretary, this is the chairman of Yanjing Pioneer Investment Group, Tian Xianfeng, my buddy, he is bigger than me, but he likes to call me boss. I call him Laotian, you don’t want to laugh, this is a kind of title, the key is that our brothers are very friendly, their company is mainly based on strategic investment, engaged in various investment fields, and the tourism field is also their company. One of the key points of investment, I didn’t think of them in this project of Cuipingshan Scenic Spot. However, the person in charge of the investment department of the company saw the post I sent when I went to the forum and told him that he was last night. I contacted me. As a result, I knew that he was a little dizzy at the time. This is a coincidence.” After

briefly introducing the background, Liu Qingyu said to Tian Xianfeng: “Laotian, this is mine.” leadership, King Linxian county party secretary, Comrade Xiazheng De. ”

Although aware of the Tian Xianfeng Liu Qing and Yu is a man thing, but consider this line is to find investment, so Xiazheng De behave Points enthusiasm, offered her hand and said:. “Tian always Hello, I’m Xiazheng De”

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