Both were old partner, natural kinds of things up and running very smooth.


Only when Xue Wenlong called Xia Zhengde, was Xia Zhengde on the plane? The phone was turned off, so Xue Wenlong had not been connected for a long time, and he was so angry that he had dropped the phone! Immediately called the office of Xia Zhengde, no one in the office, and went to the secretary of Xia Zhengde. It was learned that Xia Zhengde had already gone to Yanjing City and was not sure when to come back.

This time, Xue Wenlong can be anxious. He was very clear in his heart. He had to kill Xia Zhengde’s plan on the Standing Committee before 9:30 am tomorrow! Otherwise, once tomorrow morning, Xia Zhengde’s press conference will be held, then you can be too passive on this side, and once the press conference on your side is held, then this thing will be messed up! This is definitely not the situation he is willing to see.

Therefore, Xue Wenlong can only call Xia Zhengde’s phone continuously, so that he can dial in the first time. After dialing for a while, he was a little tired, so he simply shouted his secretary and asked him to dial for himself, and he went into the hut inside and took a break.

Xue Wenlong’s secretary had dialed for more than 2 hours and the phone was still not connected. The young man was so tired that he was sweating and his hands were cramping.

At this moment, it is already one o’clock in the morning. At this moment, the planes of Xia Zhengde and Liu Qingyu are about 20 minutes away from Cangshan City.

Xia Zhengde and Liu Qingyu all woke up.

Xia Zhengde said to Liu Qingyu: “Xiaoliu, guess what kind of state is there in the county of Xue County?”

Liu Qingyu said with a smile: “I guess Xue County may be anxious to get angry at the side of the county.” With Xue Wenlong’s personality, he learned that our press conference will start half an hour ahead of schedule, and will definitely not give up, and his biggest advantage lies in the fact that he has more votes in the county committee’s standing committee, so if there is no accident If you do, he will definitely find a way for you to hold an emergency standing committee and let our cooperation plan be voted on by the Standing Committee. In this way, they can justify their cooperation plan.”

After Xia Zhengde heard the analysis of Liu Qingyu, he nodded hard. He completely agreed with Liu Qingyu’s analysis. He was very appreciative of Liu Qingyu’s so young, and he continued to test. Road: “Xiao Liu! If Xue County is really doing that, do you think I should deal with it?”

Liu Qingyu said with a smile: “Summer Secretary, I think this is really not difficult, you can do this… …” said, Liu Qingyu said his thoughts with Xia Zhengde. After Xia Zhengde finished listening, he was very satisfied with the shot of Liu Qingyu’s shoulder and said: “Xiao Liu! I really didn’t think that you are young. It’s really talented to play the power struggle. Especially your thoughts are unrestrained, even I can’t think of it, very good.”

Liu Qingyu just smiles, does not boast, but shifts the topic. said: “secretary, if I guess the good words, and so we got off the plane, open the phone, I’m afraid there’s Xue county phone will call came.”

in the face of leadership, the time must be modest and humble . Otherwise, the leader thinks that your arrogance is not beautiful.

Xia Zhengde nodded with a smile and said: “Yes! Xue Wenlong’s personality has always been very popular. Things that are good for him can be never delayed in advance, and things that are not good for him can be postponed absolutely no, absolutely one. Slick and bureaucratic!”

Liu Qingyu guessed it was true.

Xia Zhengde, they just got off the plane and turned on the mobile phone. Secretary Xue Wenlong dialed the phone. The original secretary had heard that the phone was connected first, and then he responded. He quickly said: “Summer secretary you Ok, I am Pan Hongjie, the secretary of Xue County. I immediately told him to come and talk to you. Please wait a moment.” Then, Pan Hongjie put down the phone and walked into the hut and woke up Xue Wenlong.

Xue Wenlong heard that Xia Zhengde’s phone was dialed. He quickly climbed up from the bed and rushed to the telephone. He calmed his anxiety and said with a serious tone: “Summer secretary, I heard that you I want to hold a press conference at 9:30 am tomorrow. I think it is necessary for us to convene an emergency standing committee to coordinate and communicate this matter well.”

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