salary, Xue Wenlong was big at the time, how could he not understand why, suddenly, a news conference came out.


However, Xue Wenlong is also an official old fritter. He has been thankful to this reporter and hinted that there will be rewards. After hanging up the phone, Xue Wenlong’s face was gloomy at the time, and he found a cigarette to ignite, and he slammed it. Stepping back in the office while taking a while. For the first time in the vertical and horizontal officialdom, he encountered this situation for the first time. In fact, he does not have to analyze it to guess that the person who organized the press conference must be the county party secretary Xia Zhengde. The time for the press conference was at 9:30, obviously it was time for the county government to hold a press conference at 10:00, and the time for the press conference was already announced on the side of the news. All the reporters already knew. If it is changed again, it would be unrealistic. If the news conference of Xia Zhengde is successful, what should the agreement between the county government and Yutian Group be? Still counting is not counting?

You must know that there is only one Tsui Ping Mountain, it is impossible for a woman to marry a husband! Although it is only a preliminary agreement, there is still room for change in the negotiation object, but Xue Wenlong is definitely not willing to change his own side, because if he is going to follow the negotiation agreement with South Korea’s Yutian Group, this achievement It is entirely his own, Xia Zhengde has a leadership merit at most, but if you follow the negotiating agreement of Xia Zhengde, the credit is all Xia Zhengde, and his own merits are few. This is something he can’t bear, and in the process of negotiating with the Korean Yutian Group, Park Rexing of Yutian Group is also very wise to suggest that once the cooperation is negotiated, it will have its own benefits. Although the other party did not say so, Xue Wenlong knew that this benefit would never be a small amount. Therefore, no matter from which point of view, Xue Wenlong must not allow Xia Zhengde’s press conference to be held, at least not to let them succeed.

But now the problem has come out. How can I stop Xia Zhengde from holding this press conference?

After thinking for a long time, Xia Zhengde decided to call his hardcore ally, deputy secretary of the county party committee, Bao Tianyang, and told him that Xia Zhengde had to hold a press conference. After Bao Tianyang listened, he immediately browed. Tightly wrinkled up, Shen Sheng said: “The county magistrate, Xia Zhengde this trick is really awful! This is definitely a bottom-up plan! I am just wondering, where is Xia Zhengde from? Such an investor? If there is such an investor, why didn’t he come up earlier? Or is this Korean investor and the Pioneer Investment Group actually Liu Liyu’s side has already found it, just to put this Korean investor first. Throw it out as a bait to attract us, and then use this Pioneer Investment Company to attack us?”

Xue Wenlong shook his head and said: “Impossible! This is absolutely impossible! Whether it is Xue Wenlong or Xia Zhengde. Although they are very smart, especially the old fox of Xia Zhengde, although the city is very deep, but I still know something about him, he must not know. Want to be so far away, otherwise, Liu Qing Yu would not struggling every day to Bala on Cuipingshan run, postings around the Internet. ”

Bao Tianyang listened to Xue Wenlong’s analysis and gently nodded and said: “Well, this is also an explanation, but for now, we can’t convert any plans at all, we can only cooperate with South Korea’s Yutian Group. The plan is pushed to the end. Therefore, at present, we have to find a way to get rid of the cooperation plan of Xia Zhengde and implement our cooperation plan.”

Xue Wenlong nodded, his face was a bit gloomy: “You are right, but we are How can we get rid of their cooperation plan? Now we don’t even know the details of their cooperation plan!”

Bao Tianyang said with a smile: “This is easy to handle. Since Xia Zhengde will hold a press conference tomorrow, I believe that the cooperation plan must have come out long ago. As a county party committee leader, we absolutely have the right to know what the content of their cooperation plan is! Therefore, we can propose that Xia Zhengde immediately hold an emergency standing committee and arrive at which cooperation plan to choose. The Standing Committee voted, with our power on the Standing Committee, we can definitely kill Xia Zhengde’s plan on their side. My only concern is that in their side Xiazheng De cooperative conditions than the conditions we cooperate with the Han Guoyu day Group to offer a lot. ”

Heard package Tianyang this analysis, Xue Wenlong face showing a trace of color fiercely handed a wave Said: “No matter what conditions Xia Zhengde has on their side, we have to kill their cooperation plan. Even if their cooperation plan is better than ours, we can find reasons to refute their plan, the worst. We can directly point out that their cooperation plan is not reliable, and it is not enough to convince the Standing Committee to rely on them to negate their plans. In this way, even if he reports to the municipal party committee, we will have answers and will not be caught by them. If you live in the handle, you can only say that we have misunderstood the analysis and judgment. We don’t need to worry about it in the

latter way .” Bao Tianyang listened to Xue Wenlong and said without hesitation: “Okay, then we immediately split up, You are going to communicate with Xia Zhengde and ask for an emergency standing committee. I will immediately communicate with other county party committee members in advance to strive for the greatest success. Support. We must put them in the Standing Committee of the cooperation program nipped in the bud. “

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