this time, Xia Zhengde also called his secretary Li Xuequn to let him send the copy.


After a while, a copy of the two copies was sent, and the two secretaries sent copies to the Standing Committee members.

Xia Zhengde sat on the chair and glanced at the crowd. “Everyone first took a look at the two cooperation agreements. After 20 minutes, we officially started discussions and voting.”

At this moment, Xue Wenlong held the cooperation with Xia Zhengde. After the agreement was only a few glances, his face was dignified at the time, because he found that Xia Zhengde’s cooperation agreement was much looser in terms of cooperation conditions than his own, and it was multi-faceted. In Xue Wenlong’s view, Such a solution is simply not realistic and impossible. Developers are not fools! Which developer does not want to make money! How can I agree to such cooperation conditions? Thinking about Park Rexing’s attitude towards himself, Xue Wenlong felt really incredible. He is very clear that if the plan is true, then the plan that he and Park Rexing talked about will not succeed at all! No, no matter whether Xia Zhengde’s plan is true or not, I must assume that he is a fake. Otherwise, it is very unfavorable to yourself. Therefore, after rushing to look at his eyes, Xue Wenlong has already made up his mind to completely deny Xia Zhengde their plan.

The 20 minutes passed quickly. Xia Zhengde looked at the time. He looked up and said, “Okay, the time is almost up. I believe that the advantages and disadvantages of the two programs are very clear. Let’s talk about your point of view. Look at which of the two cooperation programs should we choose?”

Xia Zhengde’s voice just fell, Xue Wenlong took the topic directly and said: “Summer secretary. Although you have worked hard for a hard day, I still want to crack you. I think that the cooperation plan you provided is unlikely to be true. Summer Secretary! You are most likely to be fooled by this Pioneer Investment Group. If implemented according to this plan, then this Pioneer Investment Group is not an investor at all, but a savior and a philanthropist, but the world. Is there a real savior? No! Absolutely not! What is the essence of capital? Profit-seeking! Although the cooperation plan between our county government and South Korea’s Yutian Group seems to be harsh, it just reflects the sincerity of the other party. We cooperate because they want to pursue the maximization of interests, and we Jinglin County pursues long-term interests. As long as our Jinglin County economy develops, the losses on the Cuipingshan project are relatively insignificant.”

Xue Wenlong finished, Xia Zhengde just smiled a little: “Xue County, your conclusion is too arbitrary. You can come up with evidence. ?. I come up out of this cooperation program is false if it does not, then also ask you to withdraw your words, ”

Xue Wenlong cold smile, he said:” Xia Shuji, I do not have evidence that your cooperation in this program is False, but do you have a way to prove that your cooperation plan is true?”

Xue Wenlong was very embarrassed, and immediately took a move with him. He also applied him to the ball and returned to Xia Zhengde again. He believed that Xia Zhengde was fundamental. There is no way to prove this.

However, what Xue Wenlong did not think was that Xia Zhengde did not hesitate and said directly: “No problem. If necessary, I can prove that my cooperation plan is true now. The way of proof is very simple, now the Pioneer Investment Group Mr. Tian Xianfeng, the chairman of the board, lives in our county party guest house and can come over later. In addition, I believe that everyone has also seen it. In the cooperation plan I submitted, I clearly pointed out that before the press conference at 9:30 am tomorrow. The other party will speak 10 million yuan of insurance premiums to our Jinglin County finance account to ensure the authenticity of the other party’s investment. I would like to ask Xue County, the cooperation plan you provided, did you mention To the quality of the insurance premium? How do you ensure that the cooperation of the other party in such harsh conditions of cooperation?”


When Xue Wenlong couldn’t answer it, Bao Tianyang, deputy secretary of the county party committee, immediately said, “The secretary of Xia, even if you have this 10 million guarantee, you can’t prove that the other party really wants to invest! I believe that the Standing Committee is very clear. The cooperation plan provided by Xia Shuji is really incredible. Summer Secretary, I don’t think we have to argue on this issue who is right or wrong. I think everyone can vote on these two programs directly! Each member of the Standing Committee has its own one-hand scale. It is still the most democratic way to make a choice.”

Bao Tianyang came directly to a fatal one, directly ignoring all the processes and going straight to the final vote, so All the advantages of Xia Zhengde can be solved.

At this moment, Xia Zhengde not only did not panic, but his face showed a faint smile, because now, the general process of the entire Standing Committee is almost all guessed by Liu Qingyu. And Liu Qingyu suggested that he prepare the real back hand behind.

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