Tian Xianfeng is also very warm and Xiazheng De shook hands with a smile: “Xia Shuji, and I you’re welcome, and go Let’s talk on the car.”


After the chill, the three men joined the long Cadillac.

After getting on the bus, Tian Xianfeng said to Xia Zhengde: “Summer secretary, do you think we are going to eat first or talk about investment first?”

Xia Zhengde did not take the lead, he also knew that Tian Xian was only polite to ask first.

My own, they smiled and looked at Liu Qingyu: “Qingyu, what do you think of us?” Liu Qingyu said with a smile: “Laotian! Let’s go directly to your company! Let’s finalize the cooperation development. And then go straight to your hotel to find a restaurant downstairs, we have to fly back overnight.”

The relationship between Arita Hideki and Liu Qingyu, the negotiations between the two sides on the Cuipingshan Scenic Spot project progressed very smoothly. During the entire negotiation process, the two sides adhered to the principle of cooperation and win-win, benefiting the people, and reached a series of The cooperation agreement, including the shareholding system principle in the Cuipingshan Scenic Spot project, is invested by Pioneer Investment Group with a capital of 500 million yuan, accounting for 51% of the shares, and is controlled by Jinglin County and Guanshan Town. The shares are 41%, while the people in Jinglin County take 8% of the shares in farmhouse music, land, hot springs, etc. The entire project is managed by Pioneer Investment Group and a professional management team. Jinglin County and Guanshan Town can send parts. The personnel are supervised and co-managed, and the three parties cooperate for a win-win situation.

As for the people around the scenic spot, there is no need to relocate. On the contrary, they can choose to become the employees and service personnel of the scenic spot according to their family conditions. They can also choose to join the scenic spot in the form of farmhouse music. As for Jinglin County, they will lead to Guanshan Town. In this section of the road, Pioneer Investment Group proposed two plans. One plan is to invest in road repair by the joint city of Jinglin County. After the repair, the Pioneer Corps will pay 5 million yuan per year for the sponsorship fee. The second plan is the Pioneer Army and the scenery. Lin County and the city jointly repair roads, recovering the cost by collecting the tolls, and canceling the road tolls immediately after the cost is recovered. As for the preferential tax policy, Pioneer Investment Group proposed that the investment in the pre-tourism period of the scenic spot is relatively large, and the cost recovery cycle is relatively long. Therefore, 50% of the taxes and fees are exempted every year for the first three years, and the annual tax exemption amount is three years later. Decrease by 10%, and pay taxes normally after 8 years.

For the cooperation conditions proposed by the Pioneer Group, Xia Zhengde knew that this condition is absolutely superior to Jinglin County and Guanshan Town. It is estimated that Tian Xianfeng will look at the face of Liu Qingyu. I have to give it this way, so he agreed without hesitation, but for the road between Guanshan Town and Jinglin County, Xia Zhengde did not make a decision on the spot, but said to go back and ask for it. However, how the repair of this section has not affected the overall situation, the two sides soon signed a preliminary cooperation agreement. At the request of Liu Qingyu, Tian Xianfeng also flew back to Jinglin with Liu Qingyu and Xia Zhengde on the same night. County, Liu Qingyu’s goal is very clear, tomorrow at 9:30 am, Jinglin County and Pioneer Investment Group will also hold a press conference, announced that the two sides signed an investment agreement. As for the news media, Liu Qingyu did not worry about it at all. This incident Xia Zhengde took over directly, which was only a matter of several phone calls for him.

At the moment, sitting on the plane. Although his eyes were closed, Xia Zhengde’s face showed a deep smile.

Until now, Xia Zhengde has fully understood the idea of ??Liu Qingyu’s move. Liu Qingyu is trying to hedge the Korean Yutian Group by introducing Tian Xian’s Pioneer Investment Group, and after the news of the press conference half an hour ahead, Xue Wenlong will definitely be in a hurry to turn around. It’s about to start.

After trying to understand Liu Qingyu’s ideas, Xia Zhengde could finally put his heart down completely. After a tired day, he could finally close his eyes and take a good sleep.

At the moment, Jinglin County, the county magistrate Xue Wenlong home.

Around 11 o’clock in the evening, Xue Wenlong suddenly received a call from a reporter friend. The reporter said: “Xue County magistrate, is the Jingpingshan project you Jinglin County looking for two investors to cooperate?”

Xue Wenlong said, immediately said “No! How could I find two investors? We talked to Korea Yutian Investment Group.”

The reporter said: “No! Now many of our reporters have received a notice saying that it will be around 9:30 am tomorrow. There is another press conference in Jinglin County. The theme of the press conference is Jinglin County and a family. The company named Pioneer Investment Group signed an agreement to jointly develop the Cuipingshan Scenic Area.”

Xue Wenlong was dumbfounded on the spot!

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