Wenlong finished, found that Xia Zhengde has remained silent, and then he was anxious, in order to force Xia Zhengde to submit, he once again solemnly stressed Once: “Summer Secretary, we must coordinate this matter, otherwise, once a woman is married, it is not good for you, for me, for us, Jinglin County, it is easy for outsiders to say Our county committee is not united enough. Now our members of the entire county committee are very concerned about this matter.”


After Xue Wenlong finished, Xia Zhengde said faintly: “Okay, this way! You inform all the county party committee members at home.” We, 2 hours later, that is, the emergency standing committee is held around 3 am. I am now at Cangshan Airport and I will drive back immediately.”

“Okay, ok, I will inform other Standing Committee members immediately.” Hearing Xia Zhengde Agree, Xue Wenlong quickly stated his position. He waited for Xia Zhengde’s words.

After hanging up the phone, Xue Wenlong’s face immediately showed a smug color, and he said in his heart: “Xia Zhengde, Xia Zhengde, no matter how clever your means, in the Standing Committee, you are not qualified to challenge me, this time, I I want to beat you upright!” After

hanging up the phone, Xia Zhengde said to Liu Qingyu with a smile: “When Xue Wenlong just spoke, he was very excited. It seems that he has everything ready, just waiting for me. I went into the trap that he had set up.”

Liu Qingyu said with a smile: “Everyone will be very proud when they plan their plots. He always thinks that he is strategizing and controlling everything. In fact, such people sometimes have time. It’s also very sad.”

Xia Zhengde nodded and sighed and said: “Yes! In fact, people like Xue Wenlong’s real use of their minds in their work are definitely good, just for the sake of power. Tracks.”

Said here, the topic is a bit heavy, Xia Zhengde did not say it, the two went straight to Jinglin County.

At about 3 in the morning, Xia Zhengde rushed to the county party committee. When he first entered the compound, he saw that the lights of the conference room of the county party committee were all lit up. Occasionally, a few coughs or conversations came out in the middle of the night. He knew that Xue Wenlong had already set the battlefield, and waited for him to go in battle with him.

Xia Zhengde said as he got off the bus and said to Liu Qingyu: “Xiao Liu! You must go to the county party guest house to make a night, I have to prepare another battle.”

Liu Qingyu nodded, he also knows that Xia Zhengde over there. He can’t help him in the battle, but fortunately he has helped Xia Zhengde to plan before, and believes that everything is under control, so he will go to sleep with confidence.

Xia Zhengde returned to the office, took a short break, washed his face, and then got up and went to the Standing Committee meeting room.

At this moment, the meeting room is full of smoke, and the other 10 members of the Jinglin County are listed.

Seeing that Xia Zhengde came in, Xue Wenlong flashed two excited lights in his eyes and immediately got up and said: “Summer secretary, it’s really hard for you, so late, I have to come over to the meeting, but I can’t have a meeting! The Tsui Ping Shan project can’t be a woman. Marry two husbands! We must make a decision today, otherwise we can only let other local and superior leaders see our jokes.”

Xue Wenlong did not turn around, straight to the point, went straight to the subject, it was a small gave Xia Zhengde One is under Mawei.

Xia Zhengde had prepared for it. After listening to it, he just smiled and said: “Okay, no problem, I also have this intention. It is not appropriate for a woman to marry a husband. Since everyone is here, we will go straight to the theme! Xue Before the discussion, the county magistrate, I think it is necessary to first copy the sample of the preliminary cooperation agreement between your county government and the Korean Yutian Group, and the preliminary cooperation agreement between our county party and Yanjing Pioneer Investment Group. Let us take a look at all the Standing Committee members, let everyone know what to expect, otherwise if it is directly discussed, is it not for our entire county party committee, for the entire Jinglin County people, especially for the people of Guanshan Town? Responsible? I believe this should you not object?”

Hearing that Xia Zhengde said this, Xue Wenlong was shocked. His original intention was that the two sides directly dictated the essential parts of each other’s plans, so that they could develop their strengths and avoid weaknesses. First touch the details of Xia Zhengde’s plan. Zhengde is a secretary. If he speaks, he must have spoken first, but he did not think that Xia Zhengde had played such a hand, and Xia Zhengde’s last sentence also asked one sentence, as if he had a ghost in his heart if he wanted to oppose it.

Xue Wenlong but a character is very arrogant person, nature will not be scared off Xiazheng De, said coldly:. “Well, no problem, I’ll just call him the copy of the Pan Hongjie to get over”

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