The old companion said.

Zhang Chen was in a dilemma, probing the way: “I think, shall we forget?” Ye Dong is right. He doesn’t violate the rules. “

“Farting, Lao Tzu’s hand was interrupted by him. Was he beaten? Moreover, Wu Zhengtao is the tenth person in the list. His identity is important. Such a person dies at once. How can he not find out? Qi Shijie was scolding and scolding.

Wanrong is also an echo Road: “yes, no matter what, temporarily can not let Ye Dong go.”

“Oh?” Ye Donglai frowned.

Zhang Chen wanted to continue the persuasion.

However, Qi Shijie had no doubt about it. He said, “Zhang Chen, shut up. I know you are also a member of the North Court. Are you partial to Ye Dong?”

“I mean, from the point of view of rules, law enforcement officers can’t just start with new students.” Zhang Chen was not happy, too.

“Rules are rules, and the present situation can not allow Ye Dong to leave.” Wanrong added.

“If you act willfully, then I will not participate.” Zhang Chen’s claim is clear.

Ye Donglai just smiled and said, “Zhang Chen Xue is always feeling the truth. Wanrong, Qi Shijie, you two must stay with me?”

“You want to go, it’s impossible.” Wanrong and Qi Shijie sound track.

“Be afraid, you do not have this.” Ye Donglai sneer, “Qi Shijie, do you think I broke your arm bone with a slap, just by chance?”

When the sound fell, Qi Shijie felt a strong sense of crisis without any reason.

You bet,His subconscious does not think Ye Donglai is strong enough. The law enforcement officers present are not as good as Wu Zhengtao, but they are almost all the five or six generation of gas making old men.

Therefore, Qi Shijie thought that he had failed in his own efforts because of some special situations.

However, he carefully recalled that he did not use any magic or magic weapons.

“You look for death.” Qi Shijie threw aside the distraction of his mind, his face was hot and harsh, and the mental power in his body was running fast.

However, before he came and really started, he saw that the sword was shaky.


The flying cloud sword is fast like lightning and flashes.

A blood thread appeared on Qi Shijie’s face.

“I don’t have time to talk to you.” Ye Donglai cold voice, the next moment to pick up the flying cloud sword.

Qi Shijie’s head was covered with cold sweat.

Wanrong did not dare to move.

Zhang Chen’s eyes are unbelievable.

Just with one sword, you can split Qi Shijie’s face? Does this leaf come to the East, is it really an ordinary freshman?

If he had just killed himself, perhaps Qi Shijie was dead.

By this time, Wanrong did not dare to think that Ye Donglai was just hurting someone by accident.

The three law enforcement officers, the old man, watched Ye Dong to leave, and none of them went to catch up.

After a long time, three talents came back and took a deep breath.

Zhang Chen sighed and said, “Ye Donglai, this fellow, when I first met him,It was on the battlefield of the beast, and he was only the nine layer of the body at that time. Now, I can’t even see it… “

Qi Shi Jie

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