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e eight teams in the border town have been fixed. In addition to the four major chaebols, there are also eight teams from the Eight-China Union, the Small and Medium Enterprises Alliance, the Citizens Union and the City Government. At the same time, this time the Champions Leis set in the Civic Square, and anyone can watch it in the vicinity and lose the mystery of the past, but it is destined to be more eye-catching… …… Ye Fu, Ye Hao’s cell phone rings, and it’s Su Changze. At this moment, his voice was a bit low, saying: “Ye Ye, this time the eight teams in the chaebol league have decided to come down, have you received this news?” “Received, is there any problem?” Ye Haodao. Su Changze explained: “The team of the four major chaebols need not be said. The eight-year joint refers to a team of eight medium-sized chaebols in the border town, and the small and medium-sized enterprise alliance understands well. The team is as special as the city government. Its team members should be relatives of staff from various government departments. In the end, this citizen league is even more special. It should be anyone who can participate and choose the contestants among the general public. This year, this situation is a bit special. I basically understand the basics of the four major chaebols, the Eighth Central Alliance, and the SME Alliance. In the end, who will participate in the express delivery of a document for you, you will see it clearly, but it is the owner. I haven’t figured out the foundation of the government and the citizen league. We should be the most prepared this year. I think it is the two.” Ye Hao heard nothing, this guy is really arrogant, the Big Four There are six of the chaebol, the eight-in-one alliance, and the small and medium-sized enterprise alliance. Are there four more to be removed from Su Shi and Yeh? Now in his eyes, this The four are not worth mentioning, right? On the contrary, this city capital and citizen league does not know who is going to participate

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