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in the competition, but how much defense is he? As for his mentality, he is ready to sweep the chaebol league? How confident is this. Ye Hao has some speechless words: “We are going to control all the rankings this time. This is not a simple matter. Don’t take it lightly. Other people’s information is not necessar at it, how can you still get it? Let us both touch their own foundations… As for the other two, you really can’t start your network in the city’s main government, and find out the information as soon as possible.” Su Changze sighed: “I know, but it is said that this In addition to the captain’s decision, the other candidates are still unknown. There are many people competing. After the final decision, I should be able to know who it is.” Ye Hao nodded and said: Then don’t worry so much, who is the other two major chasers? In these few days, we have time to go to the door to play a friendly match, and they will be scrapped and say other.” Opposite the phone, Su Changze is also silent, he is also arrogant. How is this leaf 嚣 more arrogant than him? This is going to go directly to the door? Directly scraping people? However, there is no speech, Su Changze still said: “Zhang’s chaebol is led by Zhang Tianyou, this kid is not familiar with us, when the hammer is violent, no need to give him face. As for the Xiong’s chaebol is actually the guy of Xiong Jie It’s not too difficult to deal with the team.” Ye Hao thought for a moment: “Then your information will not be sent for a while. In a few days, I will contact you to go to Zhang’s chaebol to play a friendly match. The information will be fine.” Su Changze did not refuse, said: “Well, then I will wait for you to call, this is more than half a month passed, we have not much time.” Ye Hao is no longer nonsense, but directly hangs The phone, this kind of thing is not clear on the phone, when I was talking about it. Hanging up the phone, Ye Hao looked at the humanoid pile in his basement and gave a slight b

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