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reath. He said: “I finally touched a little road.” For the past two months, he has basically been practicing seven killings. As for evolutionary cultivation, it is the upper limit of the energy value of 10 points per day. In addition to using a e the energy value, Ye Hao’s wealth value used in the cultivation of the warfare method is quite shocking. This punch is 1000 points of wealth, at least 5 punches in one minute, that is, 5000 points of wealth. This data did not feel anything at first, but after the cultivation, the face was dark. But there is no way, the practice of warfare is like Therefore, there is no shortcut, at least a few punches, and a few more tactics, this effect is naturally reflected. “There is no real small success, it can only be said that it is the first time to look at the door, but the wealth value is consumed a lot.” Ye Hao pulled out the system and glanced. Evolution: 1 (+). Wealth value: 1267700. Energy value: 759 (759+). Spirit value: 101 (101+). When I saw this data, Ye Hao was speechless. At the beginning of the month, he had nearly 2 million wealth values. Every day, he could not increase the energy limit of 10 points. In half a month, he used up to 1 million wealth. ? But the consumption of his own wealth is almost 500,000? Don’t ask if these are consumed when you practice the tactics. It can only be said that the cultivation of the six-product warfare is not really large in terms of energy consumption. Coupled with the difficulty of getting started, it is a thousand wealth value to punch yourself. I feel that it is not right, and then it is another thousand. Wealth value… Of course, Ye Hao can’t keep punching and not resting, don’t try to figure it out? But even if it is, this day’s consumption of 2,300,000 wealth is really not too much. In ten days, 500,000 is less. In the basement, the leaves squinted at the head and muttered: “I want to convert it into a product evolution fluid. I basically consumed 10 bottles of the evolution of th

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