ractice on your own side these days

very rich, but if he practiced the tactics like this, how long does it take for Tian to know how much wealth this is worth? “Well, I haven’t studied a lot of these seven killings. Next, I have to retreat and study it well. You have gone to p. Remember, these seven killings are extraordinary and cannot be revealed at will. Going out, otherwise it may be a big trouble.” Ye XIII reminded me, “But if I have a successful retreat and can make a breakthrough, then you will use it casually, no one dares to find you trouble!” This sentence Ye Hao understands, Ye XIII is ready to attack the four products. If he is unsuccessful, he owns the six-product warfare. He is guilty of guilty, but Ye Xie once succeeded in becoming a four-pronged product. Then he can walk sideways in this border town, who dares to come to him to ask for six-game tactics? Does Ye Xie not punch him? text 099 speed is still running. As time goes by, the entire border town has become more and more lively. It seems that it is necessary to eliminate the impact of the previous stadium events. The Cairo League at the end of April has carried out all-round development in the early stage. It seems that the entire frontier city must know the arrival of this war. “The frontier city chaebol league, the battle between the chaebols, decided the next year’s evolution of cultivation resources allocation!” “Every year of the chaebol league, will decide which chaebol is the first of the year, will also decide my side of the city The first person of the younger generation came, it is said that it is a veritable newcomer!” “Last year, Zhang’s chaebol won the title of the chaebol league. There are eight teams participating in this year, and I don’t know who will eventually fall!” ……” Various controversial topics have been thrown out, including the topic of the new chaebol of the new chaebol, who is more powerful, and the media in the city of Frontier has made a huge overwhelming trend, and the topic is very strong. Now, th

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