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are, isn’t that the purpose? Do you really think that the essence of warfare is a routine? It is energy Application method? These are all small stages. Any one of the tactics, when cultivated to Dacheng, uses the least energy to explode the greatest power. You stand on the road, you think about it, when you energy? Even sometimes the energy consumption is minimal? If Ye Hao nodded thoughtfully, he only saw that the power of the station had become more and more concise in his body, but he did not see this. To put it bluntly, the time for his own evolutionary cultivation was too short. Residual legs, when you are a small player, you should be able to kick out about 140 points of energy? But do you think that a big achievement can kick 200 energy? This is not the case. If you are in the realm of the present, if you have a big day, you will kick out about 140 points of energy, and then break out the energy of about 200 points. Do you understand what I mean? This is also why many people are easy to make a small warfare, but it is difficult to achieve the root cause. If you don’t see through this, you can’t cultivate Dacheng in any warfare. Of course, there may be some special tactics that are not the case, but the vast majority of the tactics I have contacted are like this. The seven-killing boxing method is too special and too violent. Simply practicing to Xiaocheng can increase the destructive power of energy to three times. This has surpassed the limit of many four-five warfare methods. Dacheng, seven times the destructive power is even more terrible. But don’t think so far now, or carefully try to figure out the techniques of gathering energy, exploding energy, and energy. When you do a punch and blast, you can have three times the lethality. Your seven-killing fist is a small one. As for Dacheng, I am afraid it is not so simple. You need to comprehend it in actual combat in the future. “Also, although there are no routines and rules in the Seven Killing Boxes,

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