thod, one is boxing method…” Ye Hao was a little

you can integrate the routines and methods of other tactics in actual combat. You don’t need to pay attention to it. For example, you apply the routine of the disabled legs to seven.” In the killing of the box, do you dare to say that the power is not strong? “Can it still be like this?” But one leg me confused. Ye Xie frowned, said: “This is not clear to you, you are optimistic. The voice fell, and his figure was moving. At this moment, a long fist slammed out, and the next moment was a long fist, like the whip leg in the stump of the sky, and then changed into the trick of the serial leg, directly sent out. In the middle of the trick, each of the thirteenth fists fell on a humanoid pile. When a set of boxing stops, he flexed his fingers and flew out. The alloyed piles of the alloys were like a puncture. The balloon is generally soft, and the texture inside is like a cotton spray. Out. “Incorporate the ordinary routines in the heavenly legs into the boxing method. Every trick seems to be ordinary. In fact, it is all seven killing fists, not killing tricks, but it is killing tricks…” Ye Hao muttered and looked. I have to feel a little dizzy. “Do you understand?” Ye XIII looked at him. “Basically understand it.” Although Ye Hao still has some unclear places, but he needs to try to figure it out. “That’s going to practice slowly, but you remember, you only have more than 600 energy points. The cost of these seven kills is very big. I punched out and I guess how you have to hit 100 energy points. You You can try five or more when you are in full state, but you can’t do much, because this is a six-game tactic. It was originally prepared for the evolution of the middle-class. If you are not careful, you will probably drain you. “Leaf thirteen reminded me again.” This sentence makes Ye Hao’s face black, and a punch has 100 energy points. That is, even when practicing the war method, the punch has 1000 points of wealth value, right? Originally, Ye Hao felt that he was

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