998 points is the limit of a high-order

certain moment, the leaves were slightly shocked. Then he couldn’t help but open the system and took a look. Evolution: 1 (+). Wealth value: 2545700. Energy value: 998 (998). Spirit value: 101 ( 101+). His wealth value is still less than 10,000 points, but the upper limit of the energy value has reached 998 points. 998 points is the limit of a high-order, and then add a little, that is, 999 points, directly A product peak. If able to add a little point, then arrived in 1000, it is the evolution of those two products. “The difference between the two points he sent two other bands! Ye Hao muttered, he didn’t feel anything before, but he really learned this step. He knew that it would be not so simple to take these two steps. It is already at the end of February, and it is still far from the chaebol league. I have a month to go to the peak of a product and I don’t know if it will be available in time. Ye Hao has a little experience now, knowing that he wants to break through this point and it is estimated that he wants to polish the tactics, but he will kill himself. And the days of the dead legs have become small, it is not so easy to rely on these two methods to break this bottleneck. “No matter what, let’s first try to see where the mental power can be increased. After thinking about it, Ye Hao did not pay attention to the energy value for the time being, but began to increase his mental strength. But after a while, Ye Hao was speechless. After the mental value increased to 119 points, the back “+” disappeared. “This is a bottleneck?” “Ye Ye is speechless enough. He was prepared to increase his mental value in the next few days. He couldn’t think of the bottleneck now. It seems that he can only give up now. After shaking his head slightly, Ye Hao stood up and went straight from On the balcony, I jumped into the villa of Ye XIII. In the room, Ye Xie is practicing and seeing Ye Hao come in, he After looking at him up and down, he suddenly frowned. “What is the situation of your kid? If you haven’t practiced fo

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